On Courtesy (and Common Sense), part 1

Eye Contact:
Is it really too much to ask that when you're walking down a hallway, to make eye contact? I'm don't need a conversation with every person that I pass, or even a proper greeting; a cursory head-nod is fine. Head down deep in thought or conversing with someone else (in person or on a phone) are quite understandable. What I can't abide are people who lock their eyes rigidly forward, absolutely intent on not seeing anyone. While I don't need a conversation with everyone who's path I cross, I don't see a reason not to acknowledge their existence...

Ok, not difficult, here... Wait a second or two after the doors open before trying to enter. If there are people trying to get off on your floor, you are now blocking them in. Idiot. I see people attempting to 'storm the castle' as soon as the doors begin opening all the time.
This also goes for buses, trains, and really any other portal where there are more people than doors...


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