On Music (particularly the Dethalbum II Deluxe Edition by Dethklok)

Let me tell you, it's hard to fall asleep when you've got good Metal running through your head.  Doubly hard when consciously recognizing the song gets you pumped up.

So, Thank you, Brendon Small for giving us Dethklok, Metalocalypse, and the two Dethalbums.  I'd received the Dethalbum II Deluxe Edition last week, and have listened to it a good many times since.  (More than I care to admit...)

In short, it Rocks My Casbah.

In long, it Rocks My Casbah a lot.

I've become a significant Dethklok fan over the past year or so.  I thought that the music in the show was ok, but not much more.  After hearing the Dethalbum, I realized that what was being played during the show was basically demo versions of the songs.  When Dethalbum II was available for pre-order, I quickly reviewed the song list and matched it up with Season 2.  From the versions played during the series, I wasn't that excited, but enjoying the show and the first album as much as I do (really, why can't I get a copy of the Deluxe for a reasonable amount...?!), I wanted to support the Metalocalypse, so forked over for a copy of DA2, Deluxe.  I think that the improvement between the songs in the show and the album versions is much greater than with the first Dethalbum.

Let me reiterate:  IT FREAKING ROCKS.

It rocks so much that I haven't gotten around to watching the video, but I'm going to squeeze that in before deciding whether to catch a ticket to go to the local stop on the tour.

My favorite songs are (in order):
-"The Gears" (which could describe the Marine Corps),
-"Bloodlines", and
-"Murmaider II: The Water God"

There is still a problem with this album, however...  STILL NO FREAKING "SEWN TOGETHER WRONG"!!!  C'mon, Brendon!  I WANT!

If you like metal, and are on the fence, allow me to assure you that this album is well worth it.

In other musical opinion news,
I've been listening to a lot of "Skindred" (both albums, Ragga-Metal), and "Me First and the Gimme Gimmes" (punk covers of older songs), and Pink Floyd (Especially "Echoes" from the "Meddle" album).


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