Rather be an Inventor than a Firefighter

Yesterday two separate people told me how much more relaxed I've been this week than the previous month or two.

Before this week, I'd been primarily responsible for fixing at least three or four major crises in a row. Fortunately, each waited before the previous had been resolved before kicking in, but still... In fact, in each instance there was a half-to full day between one and the next. It was just long enough to remember what the Urgent task that I was supposed to be working on, figure out where I'd left off, and start getting back into that when a cooling device and excrement would again meet. This has been since the beginning of Sept that this has been going on. A lot of things (including this blog and personal correspondance, as well as a significant amount of coding) had been set aside for the duration because of exhaustion.

I realized today how to explain what I enjoy and dislike about my career in IT: "I'd rather be an Inventor or Engineer than a Firefighter."


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