On Uniqueness

As I live in Upstate NY, snow is an unfortunate side effect in what could otherwise be a fairly nice place to live. Since the whole family had been sick after the last snowfall around new years, and it had been a fairly lightweight couple of inches, I said "eff shoveling" and left it. Then came a cold snap that defied the snow's otherwise courteous tendency to sensibly melt away. Just yesterday, it had just finally all melted away. Today, there's more. Not powder; oh no. Heavy, wet nastiness. Any more wet and it would've made for nice slushies...

Since I was almost done, about to tackle the snowplow's gift of a slush-drift with my snowblower, I noticed that my retired elderly neighbor (who is very courteous and helpful; great neighbor to have around) had finished his walk and driveway, but hadn't done anything with his snowdrift. So I started at his driveway and was going to do all the way across my property, when he comes out to stop me. Apparently he prefers to keep it there as long as he can drive over it; something about it catching water. I wasn't going to argue - whatever makes him happy... He thanked me profusely, and said "You're one in a million!"

This got me thinking... (Danger! Danger!). Of the roughly six billion humans on this planet, I'm one in a million. So there are about six thousand copies of me!

The next time you think someone's wonderful or unique, just say what you mean. If you try to quantify it, you're probably going to make a math error.

I think I'm having a snowflake moment...


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