On Retro

I predict that within the next 10 years, Mail will have a Retro Comeback. That is analogue paper messages hand-written, slid into paper envelopes, complete with postage and a Post Office and/or dropbox.

We're approaching a time where 18-year-olds don't remember life pre-internet and pre-email. They've only gotten junk mail and birthday cards from their grandparents (preferably with money) from the postal service.

I think that my son will one day come home raving about this "[equivalent term for 'awesome', since 'awesome' will be hopelessly 'lame' by then] service where they actually bring to your home a piece of paper that was hand-written by another person! Paper that has actually Traveled!"

I expect him to shit himself when I show him a postcard.

People will love, cherish, document and share their collections. People will raid their parents and grandparents storage as well as Antique stores (the same thing, really) looking for old bundles of mail between loved ones. (Think love letters from war.)

I also predict that this surge in postal throughput will last all of 2 years before being hopelessly passe again. I'm predicting a MySpace-like bubble of popularity, or as I like to say "pull a MySpace".  (I don't actually say that.)


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