On Returning

Well, our Cocoa / Cocoa Touch Boot Camp was a hit! It was very much a success, and my friend very accurately described it as drinking from a fire hose.

While I have some difficulty with one main concept, the project that we'd decided to jumpstart largely bypasses it.

Much code was written, much caffeine was consumed, and a huge amount of laughter was had! While it wouldn't sound like much to most of the population, locking 5 ├╝ber-geeks in a small conference room for a week of ~20-hour days is amazingly fun. We all had a great time, and were able to play off of each other's skills and personalities. Not to mention great progress on our project!

It was also refreshing on working with a great bunch of guys who were pumped to work toward a common goal. It made it easy to want to stay up throughout the night to get things accomplished! And despite the lack of sleep, I never saw any tempers flare! It was well worth losing sleep to get more time to work!

However I really did miss my family a lot, and they missed me. I felt especially bad leaving Jen alone when our son got sick and was miserable most d the time. He was really unhappy dropping me off at the airport; he was not cool with that idea!

This trip has been totally worth it, but I'm glad that I don't have to travel often.


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