On Bad Handshakes

Has anyone else been experiencing this lately?

Almost every man that I've met in the last several months is rushing handshakes like mad lately? Especially the first ones! The most important one! The interaction by which all further interactions will be judged, since time out of mind... And they're blowing it!

As soon as their fingers detect something between them they reflexively clamp down like a Venus Flytrap.

"Ok, buddy... Of you really only want to shake three fingers at a 45-degree angle, I suppose that's fine..." it's not like I'm an old Shop teacher and that's all I have!

I'd be insulted to hear that described, because it sounds like how a dandy would kiss ladies' hands, but that's just not how it is. It's like they're assembling a kit without instructions or knowing what it's supposed to be, so they just slap parts together with a bunch of glue and call it done!

It tells me you're hurried, sloppy, and a little too squeamish about touching another man's hand...

Show a little self-possession and confidence. Take your time and do it right!


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