On Communication

Can I just say that I hate when people communicate poorly?

Three rapid-fire examples in the last half-hour:
-A professional email requesting my assistance using baby words. According to this genius, an email with potentially harmful attachments "is going to lala land." This is an office, we are grown-ups. (The desks, cubicles, fluorescent lighting, and paperwork that you filled out when starting should have been clues.) I also do not administer Lala land. Have you called their helpdesk? Please use adult words.
-People who write in LOL-speak without knowing that it's wrong. Enough said. (I'm not talking about you, Julie. Yours was funny and appropriate.) I love Lolz, but there is a time and place.
-People 'asking for feedback' without giving any context.  Doubly so for information that you originally provided to them! Yes, this info looks like the exact same list of items you've asked if I know about at least four times so far. No, I still don't know anything about them, nor do I have a magic description-gathering wand to wave, thus negating your need to actually do the research yourself. So, what kind of feedback are you looking for? Spelling/grammar? Colors and fonts? Your choice of shirt, or the fact that you're wearing a black belt with brown shoes? Let me know what kind of feedback would be helpful to you.

In all cases, help me to help you. It is not helpful for me to attempt to decipher what it is you want. It wastes my time, energy, and patience.


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