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To much hullabaloo, Lebron James has hung out his shingle as a free agent and decided to take an offer to play for another team, Miami. He'd been offered slightly more money to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but left because he wants to win a championship, and thinks he has a better chance with another team.

Cleveland is up in arms and tears (mostly tears) about this, and the Cavaliers wrote a less-than-cavalier open letter to the fans laced with words like "betrayal" and "disloyalty". I'm sorry, but they sound like shrieked comebacks from a scorned lover to me.

While I think this spectacle is a ridiculous display of theatre and narcissism, I can't fault him for leaving. He has a career goal that he doesn't believe can be met with his current company. This is all games and business. If he wasn't performing up to his team's expectations, I doubt any "loyalty" would keep the team from firing him. Sorry, Cavaliers, but it sounds like sour grapes...

But all in all, I don't give a damn. I think that while hard-playing, professional athletes are overpaid by at least a decimal place. Sure, they're at the peak of their craft, but it's a game. They get paid to play a game. It's been said before. And I don't care. Everyone who is getting their panties twisted over this need a dose of Perspective administered by a smack upside the head with a ClueBat.

Could we call this the final mention of this tempest in a teacup?


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