On Apple's Magic Trackpad

Last week Apple released their Magic Trackpad. While I like it, have wanted a similar device for some time, I am fairly surprised at the quantity and length of articles describing it. I think it'd be fairly simple:
-It's about the same depth and angle as Apple's current Keyboards. They're a matching set.
-It's Bluetooth and runs on two AA batteries.
-It's exactly the same as the recent couple revs of Mac Laptops, including Gestures, but bigger.
-You can configure the swiping/tapping/gesture behavior from a preference pane, which will be updated via Software Update once you've paired with it.
-There are clickable buttons built into the feet f you want a clicky-button sensation.

What is that? Less than 100 words? There's nothing new or revolutionary here. In fact, there is a complete lack of anything new here. The laptop trackpad was excised, embiggened, and given wireless connectivity. They took parts they already had (give me a trackpad but make it bigger, throw in a battery compartment and a Bluetooth receiver), stuck it in a package (give me a keyboard case and cut it in half), and filed for a Trademark.

This isn't to say that I don't like it, or that I wouldn't one day pick it up (though a monitor is waaaayyyy higher on the list), but I'm surprised at the amount of explanation going into this.

(For the record, I already have a device exactly like this. While the receiver uses RF instead of Bluetooth and connects to the computer via PS/2, and the trackpad is a more conventional size, it's the exact same thing. It's certainly less elegant and kinda twitchy-erratic, but spiritually the same. I'll post pics later.)


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