On Getting the Entire Question

My recent interview went well, and aside from just having my opinion to go on, the company apparently though the same since they offered me the job.  (For those not keeping score at home, I accepted.)

I'd discovered the Standalone SysAdmin Blog a couple months ago, and have found it enjoyable and insightful.  I've been in various sizes and scopes of teams in my years as a SysAd (including Lone Sheriff), and his advice would have been helpful at any one of those gigs.

Today he posted an entry entitled "90% Answers, and when they’re wrong".  Had my interview went poorly, I'd have kicked myself, because it was these kinds of questions that were asked.  After asking for more info, or prefacing my answer with "knowing little about your environment, culture, or practices...".  After a couple of q/a's like this, I think they started tossing it in with a laugh.

It's hard to know when you have the entire story, or even enough to make an informed decision.


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