On Security

I love this:


"Huh... So, security is more about the people than their objects?  Who'd'a thunk it?!"

Honestly, unless Evil MacGyver is on the plane, I really don't think that shampoo, toothpaste, hand sanitizer and baby formula are a threat to National Security.  Nor will a good groping or X-Ray Glasses detect a cocaine-mule bomb.  Somebody who knows what they're doing can do as much damage with a pen as with a knife, if they even need a manual weapon at all.

Can we stop the madness?  Who is this security theatre for, anyway?  Who benefits besides bureaucrats and the screeners?


Here is a copy of the UCSF Biochemistry and Biophysics letter warning of the possible/potential/unknown/unstudied effects of the scanners on human physiology, with helpful highlighting.  (Courtesy of Isaac Z. Schlueter)

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