On Figureheads

On the day that it is announced that Osama Bin Laden has been killed, I see a lot of celebratory comments, cheering and questions like "can we dismantle the TSA now?". These are all short-sighted.

I hate to point out that OBL was one person, and at best, a figurehead. This does not mean terrorism will end. It is actually likely that while OBL wasn't important to daily operations or even strategy, his death will likely cause a resurgence of "activity". That's not to say that this wouldn't have happened whether caused by failing organs or a double-tap, or that it's a bad thing that he's gone.

While I largely think that the TSA oversteps the bounds of reasonableness and good sense, and is spending money and effort on the wrong things (for a prime example Israel's approach to airport security), the idea that one man's death means that a need for Security goes away is ludicrous.

This all demonstrates a remarkable short-sightedness that makes me incredibly frustrated with the American Mind.


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