Dealing with MicroHDMI

My new laptop for work is great, with one significant exception: the only digital external display port is MicroHDMI.

While I'm sure that the engineers were well-intentioned, I can't believe that they used it much, as it's a pretty flaky connection. When you plug it in, it feels like it has made a secure connection, but nothing registers until you fiddle with it.

After a few minutes of frustrated fiddling, and 30 seconds rummaging through my desk, I found the perfect solution:

The humble binder-clip.

If it looks like it's pushing the cable at a severe angle, that's because it is. Move the clip so much as an eighth-inch away from the connection and it disconnects.

I intend to write more fully on my Samsung Series 9 (2012 model, NP900X3B) later, but I must say that I am reasonably happy with it. The trackpad is a bit touchy compared to Apple's, and the keyboard takes a little getting used to, but it performs solidly. I do with that Samsung had selected Mini-DisplayPort / Thunderbolt instead.


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