WWDC, Again, 2017 edition

Hey, it's time for another WWDC!  Granted, I haven't been doing iOS development in awhile, and find that I'm not eyeing the latest hardware as much as I used to, but it's still at least a little fun.

For a lot of people, there is a lot of fun and money to be had from the Apple Speculation Game.

For me, I don't care nearly so much.  Historically, I have bought iPhones every 3 years, and iPads nearly as often.  My most recent iPhone is a 6S, so, I probably won't buy a new phone in this coming year.

But here's what I hope for:
-An iPhone 6S,
-Retaining the headphone jack,
-With more storage available,
-Faster would be fine, but isn't required,
-And rather than be thinner,
-Make the front and back flush with the thickest part (the camera),
-Taking up any extra space with battery.

There.  That's it for iPhone.

I love my 6S.  It's height and width are fine.  I like having a Lightning connector as well as a headphone jack.  I use my headphone jack REGULARLY.  I have several different pairs of headphones.  I often swap what pair of headphones is on my head into a different device while sitting at work; I use different headphones for different things.  Likewise, I may swap what headphones are in my device.

Bluetooth does not give me that flexibility.  The cords don't bother me that much.  I will probably buy a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones in the next year or so, but I don't want it to be my only option.

As far as the body being flush on front and back, I hearken back to my iPhone 5 (as well as the 4/4S and 5S phones).  My 6S is the first phone that I felt that I needed a case on it.  I had my 3GS and 5 on my person day-in and day-out for each of their 3-year lives.  While the backs were a little worn, that didn't bother me.  I loathed the idea that I would have to make the device thicker just to protect something that I had no intention of selling, so I didn't need to protect it.  They each suffered a couple falls, but nothing damaging.

My 6S, on the other hand, drove me nuts, because the camera sticks out.  The phone does not lie flat on a table.  So, in order to keep from damaging the camera, or causing stress to the phone when laying it on a table repeatedly, I bought a case.  I got a leather case which I'm quite pleased with, but I hate that I needed it.

I would much rather have a thicker phone with better battery life.

Apple's product lineup from this last year disappointed me.  I didn't care about the iPhone 7, but I wasn't going to get a new iPhone unless my current one broke.  But I wanted to buy a new Mac Laptop, or a cheap laptop, and an iMac.  Typically I would buy the mid-level 15" MBP, but this year I'd intended to buy a pretty much maxed-out 13".  But then Apple "Innovated".  "Bravely."

I don't know anyone who cares about the touch-bar.  I know a lot of people who care about a goddamn Escape Key.  I care about the Escape Key.

I know people who want an Apple Desktop.  I was ready to buy an Apple Desktop.  Guess who didn't buy an Apple Desktop.

In fact, I was so disgusted by Apple's lineup, I went all the way around, and found what is almost my ideal setup:  A Razer Stealth Blade with the Razer Core.  This is an Ultrabook, paired with a Thunderbolt 3 Dock that allows me to run a desktop GPU.  I love this setup.

My two complaints are 1) the trackpad isn't as nice as Apple's, and 2) it's running Windows.  Now, this isn't a knock on Windows, per se; I had administered Windows for a long time.  I can make it work.  But I'd rather be running MacOS, by a long shot.  Aside from gaming, my main application categories are a web browser, terminal, and text editor.  Editors and browsers are fine on Mac, but I want ZSH with oh-my-zsh, my .zshrc, and a Unix toolchain.  Yes, I can install a *nix distro on it, but I'd rather have the MacOS without having to jump through a shitload of hoops.

I'm sorry, but Synaptics is not nearly as good as Apple's touchpad.  I wish it weren't the case.

The one upside is that the number of usable games in my Steam library doubled immediately, and I've been able to play a fair number of games that used to be completely inaccessible to me before.

Too bad Apple couldn't provide something that I could use.  I needed a laptop, but all Apple provided were severely compromised options.

Maybe this year will have better options.

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