Bad Week

It's been an exceptionally bad week. Unfortunately, I can't talk about it except in vague terms. But here we go...

Huge bombshell was dripped last Thursday in the early afternoon. (A week ago today, but feels much longer.) No one's fault; well, it was SOMEONE's fault, but there was no negligence. It was the kind of bomb that demands that all other work ceases and efforts are diverted to this activity. In addition, I worked a 15-hour day on Friday, and significant hours on Saturday and Sunday. It's also consumed almost my entire week.

Things are pretty much under control, but there is still stuff to do. On top of everything, this weekend is a scheduled server room outage, so odd hours for me and plenty of 'em. Oh, and I'm on pager duty this week, too.

Now, while this may sound like a gripe-fest, it isn't. I know that I'll be compensated for my time (in comp time), and all of the right kinds of attention have been garnered. More credit than I deserve (in my opinion) has been laid upon my shoulders, but it is nice to hear praise bestowed in my presence to the higher-ups. Not to mention the renewed respect of my peers.

No, crises sometumes aren't all bad, but I prefer to keep them to a minimum. I gave been exhausted, and likely irritable. I just wish that my Bride and Childe didn't have to suffer from my work. Jen's been a saint.

The other casualties of work besides my peace-of-mind and my family include a perl script RSS-feed creator (freaking almost done), a DNS server that needs to be configured (shouldn't take too long, but still), and Jonathan's Project. I really hate that this last has sat just immediately to the right of my hand. I want to work on this so much, but I can't get more than 15 minutes of time without a damn interruption.

Enough people have commented on how I look or sound that I think that It may be prudent to take some time off. A weekend may be nice...


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